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Whether you’d like to attend fun, casual dance classes, or enrol as a serious student – which has everything you would expect from a world-class dance institution such as weekly rehearsals, live performances, competitions, and graded examinations – the choice is yours!

In fact, many former JMDC students have gone on to achieve great success in the dance industry – becoming teachers, touring across Australia and worldwide, and running their own successful studios. Whatever your goals may be, JMDC is a great first stepping stone to broader horizons.

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The Jody Marshall Dance Company has been in operation as one of Perth’s foremost dance companies for the past 42 years.

Since its establishment in 1976, director Jody Marshall has developed an impressive reputation as one of Perth’s longest running dance schools.

With a staff of high calibre teachers, The Jody Marshall Dance Company offers exceptional training in a variety of dance styles including: jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, classical ballet, hip-hop, acrobatics and musical theatre. All teachers have diplomas in all forms of dance. Many of our teachers are also former students of The Jody Marshall Dance Company, returning to educate the next generation of students after time in the professional industry.

Classes are open to all ages, with preschooler classes offered to children from the tender age of 18 months, and fun adult classes including lovely ladies still tapping in their 80s.

Dance has been around as long as mankind and many, many years ago was often used as an affirmation of loyalty, to a particular person, religion or nation. Today, dancing is still considered to reflect the society in which it exists and that is why in our 21st century societies, there is such a wonderfully wide diversity of dances and styles.

Most people love to dance, and any would love to be able to dance better than they do. It’s an activity which can be enjoyed in small or large groups or on your own, it’s entirely up to you.

However, should you wish to improve your dancing or want to learn new styles from scratch why not enroll for dance classes or private dance lessons with the Jody Marshall Dance Company based in Balcatta, Perth?

With a reputation for producing dancers that have made highly successful careers performing around the world since the company was established in 1976, JMDC is regarded as one of the premier dance studios and schools in Perth.

JDMC offer a wide range of adult dance classes in Perth, with a full 6 days a week programme of group or private dance lessons covering many different styles. From Hip Hop to classical ballet and from jazz to acrobatics, students of all ability levels, including beginners are welcomed at our dance classes, so no one should ever feel out of place.

And age is no restriction to enjoying and learning dance either; the JMDC ‘Boppers’ class is for toddlers from the age of 2 upwards, and introduces children to the concept of moving in sync with music – and elsewhere in the classes, some of the students are in their 80s!

The dance teachers, many of whom were previously students at JMDC are all qualified with diplomas covering all styles of dance and offer disciplined training but in a fun and friendly atmosphere; family values throughout the organisation ensure that continuing generations keep coming back to JMDC.

Dancing is good for you, it’s good for your physical health and it’s good for your mental and emotional well-being. Participating in all forms of dance will improve your levels of stamina, increase your core strength and improve flexibility, coordination and balance, but in addition to this dance is a real stress buster! When you dance, your body releases endorphins which increase feelings of happiness and pleasure, lifting your mood and enhancing your feelings of self-worth.

Whether you have aspirations to pursue a professional career in dancing, want to join a crew of Hip Hop dancers, would like ballet lessons for you or your children or just want to feel the all-round benefits of dance training, JMDC dance classes in Perth will surely have something that will suit you.

Current students at JMDC often perform at events, fairs and competitions drawing great recognition from the quality of their performances. Enrolling for your choice of dance class with JMDC at their studio in Balcatta can be the first steps to a new invigorated you!

For over 4 decades the Jody Marshall Dance Company has been providing the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to take dance classes in Balcatta, Perth, at what is today recognised as the best dance school in Perth.

Catering for everyone from 18 months old upward, with some students in their 80s, our outstanding dance studio in Balcatta has a packed six-day week timetable of dance lessons in Perth, that provides a wide range of classes that covers many genres of dance from classical to contemporary, at least one of which is sure to appeal to your own tastes and style. 

From ballet lessons in Perth, to hip hop, jazz, tap and musical theatre you can indulge yourself in a welcoming environment where you can practice with like- minded others. However, should you prefer to, you can book private adult dance classes at our Perth studio.

The Jody Marshall Dance Company, Perth, has a proud history of helping aspiring dancers realise their dreams, fulfilling their potential and achieving professional status, with many ex-students also coming back to teach a new generation of dancers at their most favourite dance schools in Balcatta and Perth. 

But the real joy of dance is in the participating, and it doesn’t matter how talented or experienced you are to able to enjoy dance, and whether you are looking for beginners dance classes in Perth or wish to join in with one of our many other classes at the best dance studio in Perth, you will receive a warm welcome at JMDC.


Professional and Successful... if you are after a family to guide, support, nurture and encourage with years of experience JMDC is the studio for you! Learn and explore ALL genres of dance! You won’t be disappointed I am a student of 28 years and a mum with sons who love the dance, fun and friendships


Amazing dance studio. My 3 children dance at Jody's... my son and two daughters. My daughters especially love to dance. This school teaches superior technique while having fun. Jody's attention to detail when teaching technique is really something. Why go anywhere else. Hands down best studio in the area.


I can highly recommend JMDC, my daughter has danced here for 5 years. The teaching is to a professional quality with a fantastic focus on technique, all while being fun and making great friendships. The end of year concerts are amazing and I especially like the age appropriateness of the routines and costuming.


Can’t speak highly enough about JMDC. Exceptional attention to technique and a highly professional teaching staff. Their end of year performances are second to none. The ladies tap class is one of my most favourite hours of the week. Great workout, loads of fun and a wonderful group of ladies.


The level of professionalism, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of the JMDC teachers is first class! Our daughter has loved learning and growing with the wonderful support of the JMDC family. Highly recommend to others!


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