Our little boppers class is the first steps your child will learn and always remember. These children aged 2-4 will not only learn the basic steps of dancing but how to count their music, develop their coordination and learn discipline. They build friendships for a lifetime. These children will learn nursery rhymes which has a dance that goes with it. From old school music to new songs from disney movies the children will dance to anything and everything whenever they have the chance. We also have a small tumblers class which demonstrates their understanding of flexibility and strength. They will do a warmup that includes splits, bend backs and handstands, then moving onto rolls, cartwheels and balances. 

We use small mats for their safety and there is always a teacher working with that child. Having 40 years experience with children this age, we know how children work. They do best without parents in the room. They may cry for the first few lessons and take a while to settle but that is normal. The children will adapt to us and they will soon learn to say goodbye at the door, walk into class and enjoy every moment with their new friends.

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Professional and Successful... if you are after a family to guide, support, nurture and encourage with years of experience JMDC is the studio for you! Learn and explore ALL genres of dance! You won’t be disappointed I am a student of 28 years and a mum with sons who love the dance, fun and friendships


Amazing dance studio. My 3 children dance at Jody's... my son and two daughters. My daughters especially love to dance. This school teaches superior technique while having fun. Jody's attention to detail when teaching technique is really something. Why go anywhere else. Hands down best studio in the area.


I can highly recommend JMDC, my daughter has danced here for 5 years. The teaching is to a professional quality with a fantastic focus on technique, all while being fun and making great friendships. The end of year concerts are amazing and I especially like the age appropriateness of the routines and costuming.


Can’t speak highly enough about JMDC. Exceptional attention to technique and a highly professional teaching staff. Their end of year performances are second to none. The ladies tap class is one of my most favourite hours of the week. Great workout, loads of fun and a wonderful group of ladies.


The level of professionalism, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of the JMDC teachers is first class! Our daughter has loved learning and growing with the wonderful support of the JMDC family. Highly recommend to others!


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