Dance like your favourite pop and hip-hop artists

Hip hop is a popular genre of music and a form of contemporary dance that includes aspects of urban music, street culture and the associated fashion. Live hip hop performances are typically lively, energetic and loaded with attitude. In fact, conveying a strong personality is often just as important as mastering the technical skills.

At JMDC we run weekly hip hop dance classes at our Perth studio for students of all ages and skill levels. With expert guidance from professional hip hop dancers you’ll learn the most popular moves – such as breaking, popping and locking – and incorporate them into a structured dance routine.

Pursue a career as a backup dancer… or become part of a crew… studying with JMDC can make it happen.

To enrol for hip hop dance classes in Perth, call 0418 908 417 today.

Hip Hop Classes – What to Expect

Each week you will be taught new dance moves and work on mastering dance moves you learned previously. You will also learn how to develop a strong sense of rhythm, incorporate elements of freestyle dance and create your own routine.

For Perth students, each hip hop class is taught by the incredible Jodie Bickle. She has lived in London and trained with some of the leading worldwide choreographers. As one of the most highly regarded instructors in Perth, you will gain valuable insight and knowledge to help you become a master hip-hop dancer.

What to Wear

Generally speaking non-restrictive clothes are encouraged. These types of clothing include loose-fitting track or cargo pants, casual top (i.e. t-shirt, singlet, hoodie or other long/short sleeve top) and sneakers for maximum grip.

Don’t forget, these classes are full of energy – so bring a towel and bottle of water!

Bust a Move Today

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To enrol for hip hop dance classes in Perth, call 0418 908 417 or complete the online form.

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Professional and Successful... if you are after a family to guide, support, nurture and encourage with years of experience JMDC is the studio for you! Learn and explore ALL genres of dance! You won’t be disappointed I am a student of 28 years and a mum with sons who love the dance, fun and friendships


Amazing dance studio. My 3 children dance at Jody's... my son and two daughters. My daughters especially love to dance. This school teaches superior technique while having fun. Jody's attention to detail when teaching technique is really something. Why go anywhere else. Hands down best studio in the area.


I can highly recommend JMDC, my daughter has danced here for 5 years. The teaching is to a professional quality with a fantastic focus on technique, all while being fun and making great friendships. The end of year concerts are amazing and I especially like the age appropriateness of the routines and costuming.


Can’t speak highly enough about JMDC. Exceptional attention to technique and a highly professional teaching staff. Their end of year performances are second to none. The ladies tap class is one of my most favourite hours of the week. Great workout, loads of fun and a wonderful group of ladies.


The level of professionalism, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of the JMDC teachers is first class! Our daughter has loved learning and growing with the wonderful support of the JMDC family. Highly recommend to others!


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    As society changes from generation to generation, trends and fashions are constantly evolving – many of which are short lived, but in the world of dance the fairly recent development of Hip Hop looks as though it is here to stay!

    Hip Hop is more than a dance; it embraces a life style and a culture that is typified by high energy and a certain indescribable attitude that if nothing else infuses self-confidence and positivity. And as a dance Hip Hop is punchy, it originates from the streets – and is accompanied by music with a particularly strong rhythm and beat.

    It might sound as though Hip Hop is just for the younger generation, but the truth is, it is enjoyed by dancers of all ages and skill levels. Yes, it requires a high level of energy – and you might encounter moves you haven’t tried before but at JMDC we have one of the very best Hip Hop dance tutors who is sure to get the best from you!

    Some students of dance come to us simply to have fun, and enjoy themselves around like-minded people but if you are serious about dance, we have a track record of helping blossoming dancers establish dancing careers. Attending our scheduled Hip Hop dance classes here in our studio in Perth, where you will learn individual moves and how to use them in a well-choreographed routine could be the push you need to make a break through into the professional world of dance.

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